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Personalized Wine Stopper - Red Wine Barrel

Personalized Wine Stopper - Red Wine Barrel

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This wine stopper is carefully hand cut, sanded, cored, engraved and clear coated from a French red wine barrel stave. These pieces once made up a French Oak Barrel that once housed a Nadalié Bordeaux 3yr red wine. Read more about the wood and its origin below! 
We core the underside and install a threaded insert so your stopper is easily dismantled for cleaning. 

Notify us of your letter selection and name upon checkout for a personalized gift for the wine lover in your life!  (**Please double check your spelling**)

About the Wood:
By tradition, Nadalié believes in mastering the complete manufacturing process, from tree selection and milling, to the final barrel product. In order to maintain the highest quality control over our oak products, we have purchased numerous mills in both France and America. We begin the barrel-making process by milling the trees to our own rigorous standards. We then season the wood for a minimum of 24 months. Once properly cured, the wood is shipped to our cooperages where our experienced artisans produce high-quality barrels that are exported worldwide.


Item Specifics:
Size: Various 
Material: French Red Oak  
Features: Removable metal/rubber bottle stopper for cleaning

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